Karthi turns sincere for Khakee

Karthi is playing a cop, who is sincerity personified, in 'Khakee'. The trailer suggests that he goes any length to protect common man and he doesn't even hesitate to question the powers
that be for their rights. Needless to say, this attitude will be a concern for his wife, who asks him why not, just be like every other cop out there and earn like them, instead of getting transferred often because of his sincerity.

This film is based on some shocking real incidents and Karthi has gone all out for the film. The trailer suggests how hard he worked for the grueling action episodes. The scene, where Karthi and his team of cops ambush goons by hiding in sand, is going to be a major highlight of this movie, which has many such high octane sequences. Good cop stories have always become successful in Telugu and 'Khakee' has all the right ingredients to become a blockbuster.

H Vinoth of 'Sathurunga Vettai' fame is the director. Produced by Umesh Gupta and Subhash Gupta of Aditya Music Pvt Ltd in Telugu.

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