Allu Arjun named his daughter as Allu Arha

Stylish Star Allu Arjun has been blessed with a Baby Girl with his wife Sneha Reddy on November 21st and they have named her with baby on the special occasion.

The Baby Girl name of Allu Arjun has been named as
"Allu Arha" which means Lord Shiva. Allu Arjun couple are happy to announce Arha name on Chirstmas festival day. Allu Arjun tweeted " Our newly arrived angel Ꭿllυ Ꭿrhα. Hindu meaning : Lord Shiva . Islamic meaning : Calm& Serene. "AR" jun & Sne "HA" together ARHA #AlluArha"

Allu Arha has special name in Hinduism and Islam. In Hindu it is called Shivudu while in Islam it is called as Peace. It is also named as it is taken from Allu 'A'rjun and Sne'ha' Reddy's name.

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