Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Superstar Mahesh Babu starrer Brahmotsavam Movie Review on Zustcinema. Srikanth Addala is the director of this family entertainer. Kajal Agarwal, Samantha and Pranitha Subash are playing female lead roles in this movie.

Story :- 

Chantabbayi (Satyaraj) is the father of Mahesh Babu who owns a Paint Company of worth 400 Crores which was set up by 400 Hundred rupees given by his brother-in-law Rao Ramesh's father and thus makes Chantabbayi to give much respect to family values. Rao Ramesh who isn't happy to stay under Chantabbayi wants his son Mahesh Babu to marry his daughter Pranitha. Meanwhile Mahesh Babu is in love with Kasi Annapurna (Kajal Agarwal). Rao Ramesh asks the same with Chantabbayi and goes away from the house. Rest of the story is how Mahesh Babu unites the entire family forms the crux.

Performance :-

Mahesh Babu has given an outstanding performances and he charmed with mesmerizing costumes. His on-screen chemistry with lead actress is good.

Kajal Agarwal, Pranitha and Samantha are good in their roles and a glamorous feast in the film. On-screen chemistry with Mahesh Babu is just beautiful.

Satyaraj, Jayasudha, Rao Ramesh, Revathi and others have done their best.

Analysis :-

First half of Brahmotsavam begins with as usual Srikanth Addala's dosage of family scenes. Story has nothing new but the same very old family emotions where a son does what his father wants to have. The story goes predictable all the way as the audience could come to known what will happen in the next sequence. Their is no twist in pre-interval.

Second half also tests the patience of audience with the same family drama and the characters come & go all the way. The basic plot is finding of our family roots and how a person goes to unite them through a travel. Even few scenes are good and more are predictable.

The story is basic minus and pace of the film hinders the actual feel with most travel elements. Having such a huge star cast, Srikanth Addala could not manage it at any moment. Brahmotsavam is an family entertainer with nothing new to show in the story.

Technical Analysis :-

Ratnavelu's cinematography is rich and showed bright colors in the scenes. Songs are colorful and his camera work should be applauded. Tunes by Mickey J Meyer are good and his background scores are simply superb. Srikanth Addala couldn't come up with a fresh subject and relayed on very old family story. Production Values are rich.

ZC Take :- Brahmotsavam - A Predictable Family drama which tests audience patience.

Zustcinema Brahmotsavam Rating :- 2.75/5

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