Tuntari Movie Review

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Nara Rohit, Latha Hegde and Kabir Duhan Singh starrer Tuntari has been released worldwide today with loads of expectations. Lets see Zustcinema review on Tuntari has reached the expectations all though. Kumar Nagendra is the director of this entertainer.

Story :- 

A bunch of friends on their long vacation at a forest location gets a piece of future aspects paper handover by an sage passing by them in that forest. The paper reveals that in next coming 4th month, a guy named Raju (Nara Rohith) will win a challenging boxing competition which will bring him 5 Crores of cash prize. All friends makes a search operation of Raju and finally finds him in Vizag. Meanwhile Raju falls for Siri (Latha Hegde) and she wants to see him winning the boxing challenge opposite to Killer Raju (Kabir Duhan Singh). Rest of the story will sage words will true forms the crux.

Performances :-

Nara Rohit does a commendable performance as a jobless guy and he is just hilarious in his comedy timing.  On the flip side his body language suited for the character to the core.

Latha Hegde didn't get the right full act in her debutant film and just she is beautiful in songs along with few romantic fun scenes.

Kabir Duhan Singh is good and sticked to his well itched character with best performance on a whole. But he should improve in dialogue delivery in Telugu.

Ali, Shakalaka Shankar, Pooja, Kasi Viswanath, Raghu, Vennela Kishore and others are adequate.

Technical Analysis :-

Sai Kartheek sound tracks are medicore and his background score elevated the scenes to a bigger extent. Palani Kumar's camera work is top-notch and shown Vizag in beautiful colors. Dialogues are well established and should be given a pat for it. Editor could have much scissor to songs in the second half. Kumar Nagendra has done a decent job this time as it is a remake the story has been just re-stitched to suite the taste of Telugu audience. Productional Values are rich.  

Analysis :-

First half
of Tuntari leaves up to the title and is packed with some hilarious comedy elements and the aspect of main plot is shown in a cool way. This half is more engaging with all elements which an audience expect. Pre-Interval and Interval block are well picturized which makes the audience much curious to watch the later half.

Second half packs with some boxing punches and later on lacks the essence with subtle narration. More songs hinder the experience and feel of common audience on a whole. The film looks pale till it grabs the curiosity of climax boxing challenge fight. Climax portion especially boxing tournament has been well shot which takes the intense level to the peaks. On a whole their is a heroic end with a sense of comedy treatment.

ZC Take :- Tuntari Engaging yet hilarious entertainer - Make a Watch

Zustcinema Tuntari Rating :- 3 / 5

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