Manchu Manoj Shourya Movie Review

Manchu Manoj, Regina Cassandra and Prakash Raj in lead roles Shourya has been released on March 4th. Zustcinema here updates Shourya Review, Dasardh is the director and Veda scored tunes. 

Story :- 

Shourya (Manchu Manoj) fall in love with Netra (Regina Cassandra) who is the daughter of MP Satyamurthy (Nagineedu). Shourya, Netra plans to fly UK and settle as their love hasn't accepted in the family. Prior to leave UK, Netra wishes to stay at Kotilingala temple during Sivaratri. But the twist arises when Netra's throat was cut off at the jagaram and that case has been filed by Shourya. Rest of the story will Shourya face the trial or fight back to win his love forms the crux ?

Performances :-

Manchu Manoj seen in a steady performance for the first time and could be seen a subdued characterisation all the way. He looks more chubby as Manoj has put up 8 kilos for this role. Manoj has lived up to the directors play.

Regina Cassandra is more like an girl next door and does her best in little role that was portrayed for her. She is glamorous and her chemistry with Manchu Manoj is good.

Prakash Raj does a dashing character of an investigative intelligent police officer. His role was shortened and couldn't use to the core.

Nagineedu, Subbaraju, Prabhas Seenu are Ok while Brahmanandam, Shakalaka Shankar are wasted and others are adequate.

Technical Analysis :-

Tunes by Veda K are just boring and his background couldn't elevate the thriller in the rightful way. Cinematography is only plus and dialogues grabs attention in few scenes. Dasaradh has once again failed to present a complete family thriller. Productions values could be much better.


First half of Shourya has kick started with interesting aspects and later on the sequences got to be much predictable and routine. The sense of the story goes with pre-interval and main twists is opened at the time of interval. These scenes are showcased in well-manner and many of us waited for second half.

Second half of Shourya has got in to the right mood of thriller where it slowly goes and picks with twists and turns which are much needed. The pace goes on and few sequences could be chopped off. The climax has been well intrigue with the proceedings. At times songs spoils the mood and screenplay hasn't be rightfully written.

ZC Take :- Shourya - A Routine family thriller

Zustcinema Shourya Rating :- 2.5 / 5

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