Malupu Movie Review

Aadi Pinnisetty and Nikki Galrani playing main lead roles in the film Malupu has been released across the globe this weekend. Zustcinema here brings up Malupu Movie Review..

Story :- 

Saga (Aadi) along with his 3 Friends enjoys 2014 New Year and all of them get in to tiff with a Girl and his boyfriend in the party mood. The issues falls in the eyes of Mumbai don (Mithun Chakravarthy) and threats the Saga gang. Saga goes to Mumbai but knows that Don is searching for him. Rest of the story is why Don wants Saga ?

Performances :-

Aadi carries entire film on his shoulder and he is good with his role as an youngster. His on-screen chemistry with Nikki is good.

Nikki Galrani is good with her glamour and performances. Mithun Chakravarthy and others are adequate with their roles.

Technical Analysis :-

Prasan Praveen Shyam musical scores are just ok and his background scores elivated the scenes to the core. Shanmuga Sundaram have done a commendable job and his camera work in the dark shades are well screened. Satya Prabhas Pinnisetty has done a decent job with his first attempt. Dialogues are decent. Production Values are standard.

Analysis :-

Malupu has an interesting story line and it has been executed well but the run time tests the patience of the audience in the second half. Aadi Pinnisetty and Nikki Galrani's on screen chemistry has been showcased well. First half has many scenes which stretched along. Satya Prabhas couldn't give a serious climax all the way. Songs are big let down for the actual twists in the film.

ZC Take :- A watchable suspense thriller...

Zustcinema Malupu Rating :- 2.75 / 5

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