Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor Audio Review

Drusya Brahma Vamsy and Melody Brahma Mani Sharma are seasoned veterans in giving colors and compositions to the silver screen. What happens when they come together for the first time?
You start seeing colors and hearing compositions in a totally new perspective. That’s what has happened now.

‘Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor’ is directed by Vamsy with Mani Sharma composing the tunes. This is produced by Madhura Sreedhar under his banner Madhura Entertainment. Let us have a look at the crests, troughs, curves of the tracks.

Paapi Kondallo…
The song begins with the quintessential East Godavari slang from Geetha Madhuri and the line goes “Paluputhadu tempeskuni gelapetthukupoina maa dunnapothuni vethukkuntu konaseema daataam..”. So what is “Gelapetthukupoina”. In English, ‘Gallop’ means lunging forward. In Telugu ‘Gelapetthukupovadam’ means the same. Whether it is a coincidence or whether it is imported from the Englishmen is a separate issue. By the way, this is written by Vamsy. He has shown his expertise on Godavari slang more in his book ‘Maa Pasalapudi Kadhalu’ than his movies. Hence, it is the Godavari region folks who understand words like ‘Gelapetthukupovadam’. Coming to the song, lyricist Chaitanya Prasad has used words such as ‘Thetigundello’ ‘Gooti Padavallo’ which come naturally to a poet. The feelings expressed by him are heart rendering and a treat to the eyes. He has once again proved he is the perfect disciple for SP Balasubrahmanyam.

Ravi Varma Chitramaa…
This is an interesting duet rendered by the duo of Srikrishna and Harini. Every two words in this song have the Telugu alphabets ‘A…Aa’ and that is the hook line. You can figure out that Mani Sharma has understood the real essence of Vamsy and composed this tune. The colorful visuals and the eroticism reflect Vamsy’s signature style.

Anveshana …
Many Telugu cine buffs will recall the cult movie made by Vamsy after looking at this number. Every word of this song is filled with passion and intensity. You will find a distinct effect to the visuals and what you hear. The protagonist is seen showing his passionate admiration towards women of all age groups in his locality and not just the heroine. The lyrics by Srivalli are filled with strong Telugu nativity blended with fine poetic touch. Both Dinakar and Malavika have done full justice to the song with their vocals.

This song is the peaks of imagination and it starts with the neigh of a horse and its other sounds. This is followed by the train sound on Godavari bridge, alarm sound at home and sudden fight sound. It is abruptly halted by the start of a song. Before you realize what is happening, the song sucks you into its beauty. This kind of magic happens only with Vamsy and Mani Sharma. Unpredictability is the highlight in this track and that’s what makes this number beautiful. This is perhaps the first time such a thing has been attempted. The lyrics by Srimani are superb and it was well complimented by Sai Charan and Sahiti’s vocals.

This is an unforgettable melody and reminds you of Mani Sharma’s best works such as ‘Devudu karunistaadani…’ ‘Ko Ko Komali…’. This song has all the ingredients to get into that league. The lyrics by Srimani has added more respect to the song while the vocals by Anurag and Amrutavarshini gave life to it.

Overall, a new combo called 'VAMSY-MANI SHARMA combo' has emerged in Telugu film music. The album gave a fitting tribute to Telugu language without using a single English word. It has given major prominence to Telugu Literature. Without doubt, none of the contemporary songs have this kind of Telugu essence.

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