Mahesh Babu releases Vaisakham audio

After Superhit films like 'Premalo Pavani Kalyan','Chantigaadu','Gundamma Gaari Manavadu','Lovely' B.A. Raju Produced Love, family Entertainer 'Vaisakham' in the Direction of Dynamic Lady Director Jaya.B. Harish and Avantika played as a lead pair while D.J. Vasanth has composed the music. 

Audio of 'Vaisakham' is launched in a grand event in presence of many celebrities and guests on March 16th at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Superstar Mahesh attended as a chief guest while Star Director Trivikram, Mythri Movies Producer Y.Ravi Shankar, Popular Director Vamsy Paidilpally, Popular Producer Bellamkonda Suresh, Director Meher Ramesh graced the event as special guests. Hero Harish, Heroine Avantika, Music Director D.J. Vasanth, Actor Kasi Viswanath, Comedian Bhadra, Gundu Sudershan, Cameraman Vaalisetty Venkata Subbarao, Art Director Murali Kondeti, Fight Master Ram Sunkara, Line-Producer B.Siva Kumar, Producer B.A. Raju, Aditya Music Aditya Gupta, Niranjan attended the event while Dynamic Lady Director Jaya.B welcomed the guests with flower bouquets. 

Before the Audio Launch 'Vaisakham' songs were screened to guests and media. SUperstar Mahesh launched the audio and presented the first CD to Star Director Trivikram Srinivas. Music is released through Aditya Music. Audio of the film gets very good response and the unit has been appreciated by everyone for grand visuals.

Very happy WIth The Title
Star Director Trivikram Srinivas says, " We read in books that in Chaitra maasam, Vasantha Ruthuvu is followed by 'Vaisakham'. I am very happy that they choose such a good title 'Vaisakham' for the film. I wish this film will become a very big success for Raju garu and Jaya garu."

It Is Jaya Garu Only After Those Two
Popular Director Vamsy paidipally says," Jaya garu is only lady director after Bhanumathi garu and Vijayanirmala garu in that league. Raju garu and Jaya garu makes films with passion. All The Very Best to Harish ,Avantika and entire team. I have confidence that 'Vaisakham' will become a big hit."

Songs Came Out Visually Very Good Too
Dynamic Lady Director Jaya.B says, " It is Superstar Mahesh Babu who turned this audio launch into a grand event. In south India Mahesh Babu is the Superstar after Rajinikanth. His presence itself made this event very special. Every one knows about the craze his next film with Murugadoss has. I wish it would become a super duper hit all over India breaking all existing records. This is my first wish and 'Vaisakham' comes only after this for me. I like Trivikram very very much. I watch his every film 2,3 times for his dialogues. I ask my writers to write at least only dialogue like him. But, we didn't reach him. We tried to write like him in 'Vaisakham' too. You will come to know about this after watching the film. With every new film he keeps on raising the bars which is impossible for anyone to reach. He is the most inspiring writer for everyone. I also like Director Vamsy Paidipally. 

When I came to know about his remake of 'The Intouchables', I was curious about the film. How he will deal the film ? How he will mould the film according to our nativity ? but he made a wonderful film 'Oopiri' showing his talent in top level. His next film with Mahesh will be in top level too. I believe that i extracted different kind of songs with Music Director D.J Vasanth. We introduced Vaalisetty Subbarao as cameraman with this film. He is very dedicated right from the shooting part to completion of DI. Both Hero Harish and Heroine Avanatika are new comers. Shekhar master composed very good choreography for them. The did very well in emotional scenes. They delivered what I seek from them. They will have a very food future with this film. Even before the release they are getting many offers. These two will emerge as superstars after the release of 'Vaisakham'. Ramajogayya Sastry, Bhaskarabhatla penned very good lyrics. Sreemani too wrote very good songs. After listening to the story he is very much inspired and gave me very good lyrics. With this film I found a very good friend in the form of Sreemani."

Aditya Music Aditya Gupta says, " We released all of Jaya gari films Produced by Raju garu. We are very happy to release the audio of 'Vaisakham' too. I wish that along with audio film too will become a musical hit. "

Heroine Avantika says, " 'Vaisakham' is a very very special film for me. I thank Raju garu for giving me this oppurtunity. I like Jaya madam very very much. Artists and Technicians worked very hard for this film. Working for this film is a wonderful experience."

Music Director D.J Vasanth says, " Songs cam out very good. I watched the film and i loved it. I wish that this film will become a very good hit and earns more and more money to Raju garu. I wish everyone who worked for this film will get a good break."

Cameraman Vaalisetty Subbarao says, " I am a huge fan for Superstar Krishna garu. My entire room was filled with the posters of Krishna garu. Now his son Mahesh coming as chief guest for the film I worked is very exciting for me."

Hero Harish says, " I am very thankful to Superstar Mahesh garu who came to encourage new comers like me. I also thank Trivikram garu and vamsy paidipally garu who came to bless our team. I will be forever indebted to Jaya garu and Raju garu for encouraging me and giving me this oppurtunity. Shekhar master composed very good steps for me. Subbarao did a good job with camera providing very good visuals. D.J. Vasanth composed very good music. I hope everyone like this film."

Lyricist Sreemani says, " 'Chantigadu' was a sensational hit in my college days. I was very inspired listening to those songs. I am very happy working for Jaya gari's film. Vasanth composed very good tunes. The entire album is very good. I wish the film will become a very good hit."

Mahesh Is Our Lucky Charm
Producer B.A. Raju says, " Superstar Mahesh made this Audio Launch very special. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making time to attend this event even though he is very busy with shooting. Mahesh's hand is a golden hand. He released songs of our 6 films and all of them went on were Hits. 'Vaiskham' is seventh film. This film will be a Hit too. Special thanks to Trivikram and Vamsy Paidipally for coming."

Superstar Mahesh says, " B.A Raju garu is one among the few people I am close with in industry. I always wish him good. Songs and Visuals of 'Vaisakham' are very good. I wish Jaya garu, Harish, Avantika and entire team all the best. I heartily wish it would become a superhit."

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