Pawan Kalyan Katamarayudu Story behind looks

'First Look' is the most abused word in film promotion. We have seen some filmmakers releasing first look for nth time for the same film. The team of Katamarayudu has decided to do away with the
'first look' concept while promoting Katamarayudu. They have decided to release posters on festival days. They gave the a diyas poster on the day of Diwali. They plan to release stills/looks for every festival that comes in between.

Pawan Kalyan who plays big brother in the film would be wearing panche costume for most of the time in the film. Since it's an important getup/look in the film. The unit has started releasing glimpses of that dress since yesterday. There will be another glimpse on today's evening and the total get up will be revealed by the evening of 30 December.

Shooting of Katamarayudu is going on at a brisk pace and the producer is aiming for Ugadi 2017 release. The producer will be releasing looks and stills of Pawan Kalyan for all important festive days till release.

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