When Pawan Kalyan makes himself unavailable

Pawan Kalyan disappears and makes himself unavailable for his birthday every year. He is never a birthday celebrating person right from the childhood. After coming to film industry he has imposed a kind of discipline on himself not to celebrate his birthdays. 

Birthday is a personal thing
to him even though his fans love to get a glimpse of him on his birthday. He keeps his cell phone switched off during his birthday. Even his mother doesn’t have any access to Pawan Kalyan on his birthday. He sends off his staff on holiday and makes sure that they don’t meet him on his birthday.

Producer Sharrath Marar chased Pawan Kalyan for a still for three days so that he can release a birthday wishes advertisement. Sharrath is forced to pull out a still from Pawan Kalyan’s latest visit to London and worked on it to do an advertisement.

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