Mahesh Babu - Vamsi - PVP Cinemas's film details

PVP has released a poster wishing Mahesh Babu a glorious birthday today. They have also announced a film with Mahesh Babu in the direction of Vamshi Paidipally. In addition to the lovely face of Mahesh Babu, what grabs the attention most is the logo of production 18 in which statue of liberty and skyscrapers of Manhattan shown. 

Vamshi Paidipally who has delivered
emotionally rich commercial film in terms of Oopiri is said to have prepared a fabulous script for Mahesh Babu. It is said to be a story that happens in USA and India. It will be the first Mahesh Babu’s film to have USA backdrop. 

Shooting of the film is expected to start in the next year. PVP is eager to put the disappointment of Brahmotsavam behind by delivering a rich-content commercial blockbuster for Mahesh Babu through production no. 18.

This poster has caught nation-wide attention by bigwigs of Bollywood talking about it!

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