Mohan Babu launches Junior Kuppanna restaurant

Manchu Lakshmi gained her own craze as an actor, producer, etc. We can see her programs in tv any time. Her husband Anand who is a software engineer is now planning to step into a business with a Hotel. He is opening a restaurant named 'Junior Kuppanna'.

Manchu Mohan babu opened this
Hotel today morning at hitech city, Hyderabad. At this event Mohan babu said " I had an idea to open a five star hotel. But, when I said this idea to my father said to open a school which is useful to future generations. So i started Sri vidyaniketan institutions and fulfilled my fathers dream. But my dream is still remained like that. Now I'm very happy that my dream is fulfilled by my daughter Lakshmi Prasanna and my niece Anand. I felt happy for selecting Junior Kuppanna franchise. All items in this hotel are made without any chemicals and customers will pay their month salary for one day".

Manchu Lakshmi said" I'm happy to open the first branch of this hotel in Hyderabad. Everyone knows about 'Junior Kuppanna' who lives in chennai and. Bangalore. When I visit to Bangalore I will never return without going to junior Kuppanna. There is a formula that meditation is for mind and Kuppanna is for stomach. Kuppanna owner is very good friend of mine so I got this franchise easily. I'm happy to open the hotel which will make customers to forget their home food".

Manchu Mohan babu along with his family members attended this event.

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