Irish Para Badminton winners Felicitation

Aditya Mehta Foundation with support from Inorbit Mall, is actively bringing awareness and aid to athletes with disabilities. Also supporting us in this noble cause are Sports Authority of Telangana State, Hyderabad Paws Magazine and Newscafe.

Aditya Mehta Foundation
is supported by Inorbit Mall to organize this event. The foundation was started in the year 2013 with the vision to help the athletes with disabilities. In a society where disability is still a stigma, AMF aims to turn them into achievers and heroes of our nation. Aditya believes that the best way to lead is by being an example. Being a champion Para-Cyclist himself, he initiated the INFINITY RIDE, the second edition of which was held in August 2015. This INFINITY RIDE also serves as a Fund Raising Activity for the AMF. Also Aditya has tirelessly counselled those who have recently been disabled and helped them cope with the depression that generally follows. These counselling sessions were conducted for the disabled in various central police forces. AMF managed to counsel more than 350 jawaans from BSF, CRPF and ITBP who met with accidents while serving the nation, and motivated more than 150 of them to take up sports.

The number of lives that AMF has touched are innumerable. It started with helping just 3 para-athletes on 25/10/2014 with donation of limbs and equipment. On 27/4/2015 AMF helped 5 para-athletes with wheelchair, limbs and sports equipments. On September 29th, 2015 AMF has donated 3 Wheelchairs, 2 Cycles & 3 Artificial Limbs for above & below the knee Amputees, 1 Caliper for 95% Disabled from right leg, 5 Tandem Cycles for visually impaired and 2 International Travel Tickets. So far AMF has supported 21 para-athletes with 25 equipments.

As on 26th May, 2016, AMF in association with Inorbit mall is going to donate Rs. 4.5 lakhs (to Anand Kumar-world ranking no.1 in men’s doubles, Manoj Sarkar-world ranking no.2 in both singles and doubles, Mark Dharmai-world ranking 10th, & amp; Girish Sharma-world ranking 16th) for Irish International para badminton, Rs 2.75 lakhs to BSF athlete, Kaigoulal for an artificial limb. AMF has also donated 3 cycles combined worth Rs.1.2 lakhs for 3 girls affected by HIV and Rs.5 lakhs for various orthotics to the children from Sarah’s Convenant Homes.

These para-athletes who were given financial aid for the Irish Internationals have showcased their inate ability in taking up challenging tasks and won Laurels to our Nation recently. They have performed awesomely well in the Irish Para Badminton International held at Ireland on 26th June 2016 and bagged six medals in India’s account. Anand Kumar won 3 Bronze medals in Singles SL4 category, Doubles SL3- SL4 category with Manoj Sarkar and Mixed Doubles with Katrin from Germany. Manoj Sarkar achieved 1 Silver medal in Singles SL3 category, 1 Bronze medal in Doubles SL3-SL4 category with Anand Kumar. Mark Dharmai won 1 Silver medal in Doubles SS6 category with Paul Doling from England. Girish Sharma has also represented India at the tournament.

B. Anand Kumar-Para Badminton Champion with current World No.1 ranking, Mark Dharmai-Para Badminton Champion with his career best world ranking 10 in SS6 category, Girish Sharma-Wheel Chair Badminton Champion with world ranking 40 in PBWF WLC category.

Its a proud moment from Aditya Mehta Foundation to have its extended family rise up with bright colours world wide. The organization has hence planned to appreciate the great efforts put by these Champions- Anand Kumar, Manoj Sarkar, Mark Dharmai and Girish Sharma, and is going to felicitate them in association with Inorbit Mall. To do the honours, we will have Shri A Dinakar Babu IPS- Managing Director Sports Authority of Telangana State, Mr. Vijay Bhatia- Centre Head Inorbit Mall Cyberabad, Ms. Shilpa Reddy- Trustee AMF and Ms. Reginna Cassandra- Trustee AMF.

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