Vishal Rayudu Movie Review

Vishal and Sri Divya starrer Rayudu Movie Review. Muthaiah directorial Rayudu Telugu Movie has been released today and Zustcinema here presents Rayudu Review below...

Story :- 

Rayudu (Vishal) leading a happy life working at a market yard in Anantapur along with his grandmother Annamma (Leela) and his bestie Maghadeerudu Kokkarako (Soori). Rayudu doesn't tolerate any wrong things with women and thus comes ahead of issues being faced by Baghya Lakshmi (Sri Divya) as her mother got ended in the hands of local rowdy Rolex Bachi (RK Suresh). Baghya Lakshmi files a case against Rolex Bachi and fights legally. Finally Rayudu takes entire plot to his hands and how he takes revenge forms the crux... 

Performances :-

Vishal has suited perfectly for this mass character and he has given top class performances. He proved his mettle once again in action sequences, dialogues and everything.

Sri Divya is cute as village girl and everyone can say that she is perfect pair to Vishal in this. Sri Divya is glamorous in saris and her dance moves are graceful.

RK Suresh is good so to be Soori. Radha Ravi has been wasted with small role. Others are adequate with their suitable performance for the characters.

Analysis :-

First half of Rayudu introduce the roles of the story and slowly moves in to the narration without revealing much about the plot. Vishal's role is handled with much care which has given the mass appeal with hard punching dialogues and action scenes. The pace hinders all the time when the grandmother episodes fall in. Interval scene has the required twist and thus takes to the later half.

Second half has the actual story and twists gets revealed one by one. High voltage action scenes will come now and then with songs as speed breakers in the admist. More Tamil flavor doesn't suite to Telugu audience and more action episodes spoils the mood. The pace in this half is terribly slow and excessive melodrama with action scenes are major drawbacks. Climax has given rightful justification. 

Technical Analysis :-

D Imman have rightful music for this mass entertainer and his background does their perfect work indeed. Cinematography should be applauded as Balasubramaniem has done a splendid job. Muthaiah is given good narration but gets average mark for his screenplay. Dubbing for the characters is Ok. Production values are rich.

ZC Take :- Rayudu is an mass entertainer. Can have a watch..

Zustcinema Rayudu Rating :- 2.5 / 5

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