Suriya 24 Telugu Movie Review

Suriya, Samantha and Nitya Menon starrer 24 Movie has been released today worldwide. Zustcinema here gives exclusive Suriya 24 Telugu Movie Review. Vikram K Kumar is the director and musical scores are by AR Rehman, 

Story :- 

Shiva Kumar (Suriya) an scientist who invents a time travelling machine and his brother Athreya wants to get hold of it. Athreya ends Shiva Kumar and his wife Nitha Menen where their son goes in to the hands of Saranya. In this plan, Athreya falls in a accident and goes to coma. Saranya raises the son who turns to be Mani (Suriya) and while repairing a watch he comes to known that it has super magical powers. Athreya is out of coma after 26 years and begins his trials to get the watch. Further the story goes in to twists and turns ? Will Mani save the watch from dreadful aims of Athreya forms the crux.

Performances :-

No doubt it is a Suriya's show. He carried 3 roles with much ease and in a professional sense. Suriya on-screen presence is a boost up and his variation to each role are awesome.

Samantha and Nitya Menon have limited to their roles and their romantic scenes with Suriya haven't got right mark.

Other actors are good with their performance.

Analysis :-

First half of 24 has been well executed with the experiments to build a time travel watch and the narration is quite impressive. Suriya's perfection in molding as a role has helped the film to a lot. Couple of twists in the go are well executed and Athreya's role takes the film to next level. Pre-Interval bang is apt and makes the audience to stick to their seats for second half.

Second half brings up the twists and couple of love making scenes couldn't register as expected. Sentiment scenes could have a helped a lot but they aren't shown in well manner. Climax has been justified with perfect visuals. Spell bounding performance of Suriya makes to watch the film.

Technical Analysis :-

AR Rehman's songs are just mediocre in Telugu and his background is perfect in elevating the scenes. Cinematography should be applauded for the grand visuals and the time travel sequences are shot well. Dubbing is good and dialogues are neat. Vikram Kumar executed the story in a well manner and screenplay is gripping.

ZC Take :- Suriya's 24 is an entertaining sci-fi thriller film can have a watch for this Summer.

Zustcinema 24 Movie Rating :- 3 / 5

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