Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review

Nara Rohit, Isha Talwar and Taraka Ratna starrer Raja Cheyyi Veste Movie review on Zustcinema below.
Pradeep Chilukuri is the director and music is by Sai Kartheek

Story :- 

Raja Ram ( Nara Rohit) is an aspiring director who is in love with Chaitra (Isha Talwar) does all things needed to become director for his own script. On the flip side Vijay Manick (Tarakaratna) is dreadful goon who works as his mind directs. Vijay Manick escapes a murder attempt on him by ending one of the person's life from the two. He takes oath to end the second one's life too.

In a tragic twist Raja Ram written climax was set to a film being directed by top-most director and in return of money the director send s gun and Vijay Manick photo to end his life. Rest of the story is how Raja Ram is related to all the circumstances forms the crux...

Performances :-

Nara Rohit is apt for the role of an aspiring director. His performance is brilliant and his part in action is good.

Taraka Ratna is main asset of the film. His villainy look and immense performance takes everything to next level. His looks are apt while playing mind games.

Isha Talwar is glamorous and does her part neatly. Her chemistry with Nara Rohit is beautiful in songs.

Others are adequate..

Analysis :-

First half of Raja Cheyyi Vesthe has filled up with entertaining elements and just introduction of all actors. The elevation of lead stars are well characterized in high note. Director takes much time to narrate the actual story line and the first half lacks the main entertainment all the way. Interval half brings up the much needed twist which makes audience to hang up the second part.

Second half begins with the actual twist and thus makes interesting as the film goes in to the story. The story goes predictable once the story revealed. Entertaining elements in the second half lacks humor all the way. Isha Talwar's flashback episode, love track and revenge drama doesn't attract the audience. Climax has ran in a race and ended abruptly.

Technical Analysis :-

Sai Karthik are medicore and his background score is just ok. Cinematography is top-notch and shown in songs in colors. Dialogues are perfect and editing could be much better. Direction of Pradeep Chilukuri is good with the screenplay but lacked to entertain with right elements at perfect timing. Production values are rich.

ZC Take :- Raja Cheyyi Veste is an thriller but goes predictable post interesting twist..

Zustcinema Raja Cheyyi Veste Rating :- 2.5/5

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