Kshanam Movie Review

Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma and Anasuya starrer Kshanam film released today. Zustcinema here brings up exclusive Kshanam Movie Review below...

Story :- 

Rishi (Adivi Sesh) lands in India post his ex Swetha (Adah Sharma) calls him over the row of her daughter kidnap. Rishi wants to solve the kidnap mystery with the help of police but in unexpectable situation he begins the search operation to trace the little one. Rishi gets to known the unbeliable truth. Rest of the story is how Rishi finds little girl form the crux...

Performances :-

Adivi Sesh plays a perfect NRI and his performance should be commendable. Adivi Sesh as Rishi carried the film and interesting elements.

Adah Sharma role is sketched well and she has given commendable and emotional performance. Her screen presence is good.

Anasuya is good so is the Satyam Rajesh and Satya Dev is just ok. Ravi Varma, Vennela Kishore and Others are adequate.

Technical Analysis :-

Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is high on scale and his work is commendable. The visuals are engaging to the core period as the background score by Sricharan Pakala is awesome. Locking screenplay by Adivi Sesh and handling it in the right way by debutante Ravikanth Perepu should be appreciated. Dialogues are interesting so the editing. Productions values are good.

Analysis :-

First half of Kshanam is novel and the proceedings are interesting with refreshing story line and racy on a note. Interval sequences are well portrayed and in this aspect narration is strictly thrilling. Second half brings the twists and turns with convincing notes of scenes. In this half Anasuya's character lacks clarity in few scenes and suspense factor has been dragged. Climax is good on a whole with interesting end.

ZC Take :- A perfectly blended racy suspense thriller

Zustcinema Kshanam Rating :- 3.25 / 5

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