Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review

Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna and Lavanya Tripati starrer film Soggade Chinni Nayana has been released on Sankranthi festival day. Zustcinema here presents Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review..

Story :- 

Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) losses his life in an accident in Sivapuram and his wife Satya (Ramya Krishna) raises their son Ramu(Nagarjuna) and makes him a Doctor. As Ramu doesn't bother about his wife Seetha (Lavanya Tripathi) she cames to her mother-in-law Satya to say about it. Seetha wants to take divorce from Ramu. Satya felt the pain as her son's life is draining she thinks about her husband Bangarraju to settle the dispute. Bangarraju who is enjoying in Narakam lands in to Sivapuram with the permission of Yamudu. Bangarraju will be seen only by her wife Satya and tries to solve his son's issue. In the admist he comes to known about the real reason of his life which is threaded with Snake of the village Sivalayam. Rest of the story is about Bangarraju solves all the disputes forms the crux.

Performance :- 

Nagarjuna has carried out entire film on his shoulder playing dual roles. Manmadhudu showed difference in two different shades of characters. He is best in wittiest performances and also as an innocent guy. Nagarjuna's chemsitry with Ramya Krishna and Lavanya Tripati are sizzling. 

Ramya Krishna has really delivered an stunning performances and she is soo beautiful as a homely village wife. Her chemistry with Nagarjuna is superb.

Lavanya Tripathi is gorgeous all the way. Her performance as Seetha is pretty and she is glamorous in traditional saree outfits in the movie. 

Nassar, Brahmanandam, Sampath Raj, Vennela Kishore are best in their roles. While Anasuya, Hamsa Nandini as Nagarjuna's maradallu are stunning with their performances. Others are adequate.

Technical Analysis :-

Anup Rubens sound tracks are good and backdround score has worked very well with the proceedings. Cinematography is impressive and should be applauded for the work. Dialogues are well written for the mood of village nativity. Kalyan Krishna has done a commendable job with his directorial debut. His narration is engaging so the editing. Production values are rich.

Analysis :-

P Rammohan story and screenplay by Satyanand has rightly used by debutante director Kalyan Krishna with his good onscreen presentation. He has succeeded in getting performance with most senior actors which indeed is engaging to the core. First half is packed with family drama with much needed humorous comedy and romance. Second half is all about the story and family emotions are showed in perfect sync. Event though the story is old the proceedings are well showcased on the big screens.

ZC Take :- A Complete Telugu nativity Family entertainer.

Zustcinema Soggade Chinni Nayana Rating :- 3 / 5

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