Dictator Movie Review

Balakrishna, Anjali and Sonal Chauhan starrer Dictator has been released on a grand note on January 14th across the globe. Zustcinema presents Bala Krishna's Dictator Movie Review below...

Story :- 

Chandu (Balakrishna) stays in Katyayani (Anjali) house in Hyderabad and works in Dharma Supermarket and one fine day he saves Indu (Sonal Chauhan) from the Vicky Gang which is headed by Mahima (Rathi Agnihotri). With this incident, Chandu falls in trouble and gets arrested for a crime that he stole 5 Lakhs in Dharma Supermarket. Mahima wants to end Chandu's life as he ended her Vicky gang. Entire story then goes flashback mode when Dharma Supermarket MD Rajasekhar (Suman) reveals that Chandu is Dictator aka Chandrashekar Dharma. Rest of the story is about what is the relation between Dictator and Katyayani and forms the crux.

Performances :- 

Balakrishna is once again back with his powerful performances as an Dictator. He looks young in his new makeover and as usual his punch dialogues, dances are a treat to audience. Balakrishna has moved in to the skin of his role and given a perfect performance.

Anjali is good with her role as Balakrishna's maradalu and gorgeous in songs. 

Sonal Chauhan is sensuous in her very low limited screen presence. 

Mumaith Khan and Shraddas Das sizzled in Item song. 

Rati Agnihotri has delivered an scintilating performances and others like Kabir Duhan Singh, Vikramjeet KRK, Shayaji SHinde, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishna Murali, Nassar et al are best in their parts.

Technical Analysis :- 

Thaman SS is good with his tunes and his background has turned out to be pluse for this political action entertainer. Cinematography is impressive and used colors to show songs in a perfect look. Gautam Raju's editing is crisp. Dialogues are powerful so the action choreography. Production Values are rich.

Analysis :-

Balakrishna sounds perfect as a Dictator and director Sriwaas has selected an old subject as he has come up with well written screenplay it turned out as an perfect entertainer for this Sankranthi. Mass Dialogues, Action scenes, Glamour quotient which are expected in Balakrishna's film are present in right note thus the story goes to a toss. Second half of dictator is dragged with unneccesary scenes and logicless sequences. Important to note that Gopi Mohan and Kona Venkat are turning to be failed writers with line of disasters in the recent times. On a whole Dictator doesn't reach audience expectations and falls flat.

ZC Take :- Sankranthi Mass Entertainer with just fully loaded Balakrishna's mark elements.

Zustcinema Dictator Rating :- 3 / 5

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