Bengal Tiger Movie Review

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, Tamanna and Rashi Khanna starrer Bengal Tiger Movie has been released today. Zustcinema here presents Bengal Tiger Review. Sampath Nandi is the director and KK Radha Mohan is producing the movie.

Story :-

Akash Narayan (Ravi Teja) a free go
guy goes to a marriage alliance with Aksha but in vain she asks for a bridegroom who is famous. Akash sketches the route and in the play he turns right hand for the Home Minister Naggappa (Rao Ramesh). He becomes popular and finally makes Chief Minister to fall in trouble with his anticts. Rest of the story runs back of Akash on what he achieve with an hidden agenda. Will he succed to become the famous forms the crux.

Performances :-

Ravi Teja is live wire with his power packed performance as Akash Narayan. He is hilarious in his comedy timing, dialogue delivery is awesome and stunned with his fights all the way. He pulled everything with his energetic performance.

Tamanna has very small role but she has given her 100% performance. Raashi Khanna added glamoour with her outfits and bikini act in a sequence. Aksha is ok with her cameo.

Prudhvi is extra ordinary as Future Star Siddapa, Brahmanandam is ok as a journalist and others are are good in their roles.

Technical Analysis :-

Cinematography by S. Soundar Rajan is top notch and presented the film in colors. Bheems is ok with the songs and background score has worked out well for the action episodes. Dialogues are good and fights are extra ordinarily shot. Gautam Raju's editing is crisp. Production Values are rich.

Analysis :-

Bengal Tiger kick starts with high dosage of hilarious comedy elements and thus goes with lead stars introduction. Ravi Teja is seen in highly energetic role and thus carries entire film on his shoulder. Story takes at the time of pre-interval and in the meanwhile Prudhvi has rocked with comedy track. The interval twist locks audience to the seats and awaits for the later half.

Second half takes up the actual story with now and then mind game tacts of lead actor. Flash back episdoes then begins which goes very slow and seems to be boring in this sesnse. Couple of songs hinders the proceedings and Climax has judged in a simple manner as usual in Ravi Teja's film.

ZC Take :-

Ravi Teja's mark Mass Entertainer. Don't Miss to Watch Bengal Tiger this weekend...

Zustcinema Bengal Tiger Rating :- 3.25 / 5

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