Tollywood Actresses and their Businesses Ventures

Tollywood celebrities especially the heroines are facing the reality in Cinema industry, and are creating better sources of outcome by investing in other business or making their hobbies into a business, so that any ebb and flow in movies will not affect them financially.

Delhi beauty Taapsee Pannu
besides being busy with Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films has started her own business, a wedding planning company, Wedding Factory. Tapsee joined with her sister Shaguna and her friend Farah Parvaresh for managing the business. The actress has informed that they have already launched a website to promote the business.

Nisha Agarwal who has bid adieu to films after her wedding was involved in jewellery brand business called Marsala. Nisha says, “Actresses have shelf life and they can’t be acting all their lives. Marsala is a sustainable business model, I’m happy to start such jewellery brand, as it was perfect thing for me.”

Actress Sanjjanaa, besides acting in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil films has also turned co-producer and invested in several Kannada films. She has also started the Akshar Power Yoga Academy, a premium power yoga lounge in Bengaluru, which is the 9th centre in the city.

Punjabi beauty Charmme Kaur, who made her Tollywood entry long back, has started her own production house CK Entertainments and produced Jyothi Lakshmi. She is also in plans to produce other stars films and is pretty confident on her production knowledge, besides confident of her team. “There’s no money that goes in or out without my knowledge. I have a fantastic team, that helps a lot,” she adds.

Lakshmi Manchu who is an actor-producer and also a show hostess has launched a perfume in her name under the brand Iconoplast. She unveiled the exclusive fragrance recently in Hyderabad. The multifaceted actress s also planning to launch a luxury expo under Iconoplast brand name joining the lineup of actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Arjun Ram Pal and Lata Mangeshkar who launch their own fragrances.

Goan beauty Ileana has recently brought in a fashion cloth store, but also a boutique under the name ILIEANA.  The cloth store is in INORBIT mall at Hyderabad, and the Ileana has plans to extend it to U.S, Mumbai and other parts of places.

Milky Beauty Tamanna has turned entrepreneur launching her own Gold designer jerwellery store “White and Gold” The store not only is restricted to her own designs but also has her favourite collections of Gold designs for sale.

There are several other actresses who are investing in other businesses like Namitha investing in Real Estate ventures, Bipasha Basu launching her fashion brand apparel, Trisha planning for a Hotel business at al.

So, the talented actresses are not only shining in the films, but also in their Business by looking for other sources of income financially. Well, we call them Beauties with Brains…

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