Rajugari Gadhi Movie Review

TV Reality show Director Ohmkar's second Telugu Feature Film Rajugari Gadhi has been released worldwide with much expectations. Omhkar's brother Aswin is debuting as lead actor with this horror genre thriller. Zustcinema presents Raju Gari Gadhi Movie Review.

Story :- 
The story opens in a dreaded haunted bungalow in the village called Nandigama and who ever wanted to find the mystery were not seen again which was said that the spirit has ended their life. However a renowned Telivision Team wanted to raise their TRP's and goes on searching for an interesting topic where they finally comes to known about the bungalow in Nandigama.

TV Network selects a group of Youngsters to live in Raju Gari Mahal for a week period and who comes in alive could win an amount of 3 Crores. The youngsters goes to the mahal and rest of the story of what happens to them forms crux...

Performances :-

Shakalaka Shankar along with Dhanraj carried out the entire film on their shoulders. The entire credit of the film should be given to them. They are humorous in their well itched characters.

Ashwin, brother of Omhkar is just ok and does his part to his conscience for the debutante of his in Tollywood.

Dhanya Balakrishna is good, Chetan Cheenu does a clean performance. Poorna is sticked to her role so to be Vidyu Lekha Raman. Sapthagiri is waster and Others does their part well.

Technical Analysis :- 

Sai Karthik tunes are ok while his background score has elevated the scenes to the core. Sahi Suresh's art work is impressive. The mahal set was showcased well and cinematography should be commendable. Ohmkar has succeeded in presenting the entertaining first half and suspense thriller in the second half. Productions Values are good.

Analysis :- 

First half of Raju Gari Gadhi brings up the hilarious comedy and the key notes of thrilling aspects which are in the way.. In this half, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj, Chetan Cheenu does their best along with Ashwin. Few entertaining scenes between Shankar and Dhanraj are superb. The interval scenes leaves the audience to wait in the second half. 

Second half opens up with serious suspense elements in Raju Gari Mahal and slowly the twists goes on revealing. But few aspects in this half misses the logic and scenes are deviated which makes boredom. The climax has been well-showcased but the twists are revealed in a simple way.

ZC Take :- Raju Gari Gadhi is an hilarious, suspense thriller

Zustcinema Raju Gari Gadhi Review :-  2.75 / 5

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