Kanche Movie Review

Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswal have teamed up for Kanche, in the direction of unique filmmaker Krish. Kanche is the first Indian movie set on World War II, and the producers have spent huge budget on the technicalities. Will Kanche manage to impress Tollywood audiences. Read Kanche Movie Review on ZustCinema.com

Kanche story is set in 1930’s backdrop. Dhoopati Hari Babu (Varun Tej) is a lower-middle class young student who hopes to reach higher position. Hari Babu couldn’t bear the flaws in the society, where few people build some fences for their own benefits. He gets to know a lady from a rich family in his same village, and the duo fall in love. However, their love draws flak some village heads due to the society set rules. What does Hari Babu do now? Why does he become a soldier? What happens to their love story is the crux of Kanche.


Varun Tej has done justice to this performance-oriented role. His role is quite emotional one and Varun Tej is impressive in articulating right expressions dialogue-delivery, while he is attractive love and action scenes too.

Pragya Jaiswal is classy and impresses with her performance, though she haven’t had much of the scope, except for three to four vital portions. She shares good chemistry with Varun tej in the songs.

Nikethan Dheer is apt and perfect and delivered his best. He would sure bag some Telugu films in his kitty after Kanche. Srinivas Avasarala provides comic relief and plays significant part while Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and Singeetham Srinivas adds their experience to their key roles. Others are adequate.

Technical Analysis

The technical values are rich. Cinematography is on top notch, Soundtrack is impressive and all the songs are brilliantly shot. Art work is amazing while the Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues standout. Director Krish follows his unique way in narrating Kanche story too. The story is unique and the writing is clever. Krish shows his direction prowess in several scenes, while the screenplay in second hour is a bit slow. Editing is okay. Production values are rich.


Director Krish is known for emotional content-driven films, and Kanche is no different, where he tries to narrate the story of a young lower middle class guy who hopes to fight against the flaws in the society. Kudos to director Krish who has strictly stuck to his storyline and strong content rather than opting for unnecessary commercial elements, masala or action or songs.

The entire proceedings go according to the story, the comedy is situational, the war scenes are intense and the climax is emotional. The run-time is the major asset besides the unique story and brilliant dialogues.

While the first half is excellent in setting the story and with racy screenplay, the second half however is a bit slow-paced, though the climax is the biggest asset with lots of emotional-packed content.

ZC Take

Kanche- Honest & brave attempt by Krish!

Zustcinema Kanche Rating :- 3 / 5

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