Kalyan Ram Sher Movie Review

Nandamuri Kalyanram who has scored a good hit this year with Pataas is back to big-screens again with Sher this Friday. Kalyanram’s longtime associate Malli directed the film and Sonal Chauhan paired up with him. Will Kalyan Ram manage to deliver yet another hit? Read Sher Movie Review on Zust Cinema for more details.

Gautham (Kalyan Ram) is a BTech graduate and he helps his father (Rao Ramesh) in his business. He is quite helpful and comes to rescue to anyone in danger, and goes to any extent for his family. He falls in love with Nandini (Sonal Chauhan) which leads him to lock horns with local don Puppy (Vikramjeet Virk). Gautham enters agreement with Nandini’s father, a Police Commissioner (Sayaji Shinde) who only wants to become a DGP by any means. Puppy makes deal with Nandini’s father to make him a DGP if the latter agrees Nandini’s father with him. What does Gautham do now and how will he solve the issue is the rest.


Kalyan Ram performs well, rather in a weak characterization. He seems to be the director’s actor and you can see his commitment for the movie. He is good in action scenes while okay in the dances.

Sonal Chauhan looks pretty and good, but she fails to emote. Her glamour quotient in the songs may please the masses.

Vikramjeet is convincing. Mukesh Rushi and Shayaji Shinde are routine and nothing much to offer, Brahmanandam does the same regular role while Posani’s role is poorly etched. Prabhas Seenu has nothing much role while Duvvasi Mohan is better to an extent. Thagubothu Ramesh is wasted and Fish Venkat manages to evoke some laughs. Other filled the screens.

Technical Analysis

Thaman’s musical scores are mediocre and so is the BGM. Cinematography is pretty ordinary and neither the songs have the apt placement. Direction is bad; Story is routine while the screenplay fails to impress. Editing is consistent with a run times of 118 minutes. Dialogues are apt and neat. Production values are standard.


Sher storyline is intriguing, and the characterizations are well-etched, but the execution has totally faltered. The screenplay fails to interest you, none of the proceedings keep you glued to the screens.
Only few dialogues and some entertaining scenes in the first hour are likeable. But that is insufficient for the narration of the story. Scenes elevating villain are very weak and thus the hero elevation gets never interesting, and as a result the entire revenge plot is never emotionally-connective.

Sher first hour is a bit entertaining with some comedy and breezy moments here and there, but the second hour is very weak leaving you to boredom. The proceedings only highlight several loopholes with cliched screenplay and characterizations. All in all, Sher offers nothing new to Tollywood audiences.

ZC Take

Sher- What a Bore!!!

Zustcinema Sher Movie Rating :-  2.25 / 5

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